The Visibility Trifecta

The Visibility Trifecta is a tool to help you visualize how each part of your online presence fits together. Each major area overlaps with the one next to it. Greater impact happens in these overlapping sections.

Many business owners focus on a few tactics without seeing the big picture. For maximum impact and visibility, it’s important to have a good understanding about how all of these areas work together. 

Each piece of the Visibility Trifecta works together to amplify your visibility. 

Review each of the areas below and consider how they relate to your social enterprise. The Visibility Trifecta will help you think about each area of your online presence to gain the maximum amount of visibility. 

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Story & Brand Message

Your unique story is what engages potential customers. It has the power to resonate with your audience and create raving fans. How you present your story, along with your branding, is the most important aspect of marketing your social enterprise. 


“If you build it, they will come” does not apply in business. Making strategic connections, and bringing awareness to new people is necessary. Outreach may include networking, advertising, cold calling/emailing, or any outbound technique that puts your business in front of new people.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing allows you to attract new potential customers through content creation. This could include writing articles, shooting video, recording podcasts, or other mediums. Once you have generated organic interest, you can convert this audience into customers. 

Story + Outreach

Your story and brand make outreach easier and more engaging. People are more likely to talk about you, refer business to you, share your website, etc. when you have a strong brand message to share.

Outreach + Inbound Marketing

Combining outreach and inbound marketing can have a powerful effect. When you publish excellent content, it gives you a good reason to reach out to other people to share it. 

Story + Inbound Marketing

The rate of content creation online is growing at an astronomical rate every day. You have to stand out from the crowd somehow, and your story helps you do that. Combining your unique brand message with your content will amplify your visibility.

Bigger Vision Marketing:
A Digital Marketing Strategy Guide for Social Entrepreneurs

This guide is meant to help you develop a sustainable marketing strategy to spread your message and engage new supporters.

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