About Be Good

Hello Social Entrepreneur!

My name is Cassi Lowe, and I’m the founder of Be Good. My background is in graphic design, web design, and marketing. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in many different industries over the past 14+ years – everything from healthcare to e-commerce to professional services and more.

Over time I realized the businesses I most enjoyed working with were ones, like yours, that have a strong mission and passion for creating positive change in the world. So I made the decision to focus my skills on helping these types of businesses grow their impact.

Our only goal at Be Good is to bring more visibility to social enterprises. We do this through our Bigger Vision Marketing framework.

Bigger Vision Marketing:
A Free Digital Marketing Strategy Guide for Social Entrepreneurs

This guide is meant to help you develop a sustainable marketing strategy to spread your message and engage new supporters.

Read the full guide, and download the free workbook!